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Hi I m a medical student and I have been Interested in writing for a long time,but did'nt know where to start ,until a friend told me about hubpages

I am a simple person who likes to enjoy the life to its fullest..

Working on secret project ...

Some of the images in my hubs may be taken from Google.

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    40+ Eye Catching Neon Wallpapers

    4 years ago

    Neon signs are really eye catchy(I guess that's why I started collecting these Neon Wallpapers in the first place) and having a neon Wallpaper as your desktop background is really full of energy(at least I think so,what...

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    50+ Amazing Cartoon Wallpapers

    4 years ago

    We all know having a cartoon character's wallpaper as your desktop background does work as a stress buster.In case you are a kid please skip these lines and scroll down to get your lovely Mickey,Donald and other...

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    20+ HQ Megan Fox Wallpapers

    4 years ago

    Now that's the beginning of some amazing Magan fox wallpapers. Most of these Wallpapers are pretty nice as you see,but some of them are dumb as hell. Megan fox with some simplicity and solace in here ...

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    40+ HD Natural Wallpapers

    18 months ago

    About 40-45 nature wallpapers that I have collected In a couple of months ,since I have been free for quite sometime now. Hope you like these Some what High quality Nature wallpapere ...

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    20+ Really Funny wallpapers

    19 months ago

    Some really funny wallpapers and pics I collected while surfing the internet. Hope you guys enjoy the pics and chill out. To see these funny wallpapers in larger size ,double click on them. ...

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    Free Airtel GPRS and Airte LIVE settings in your Mobile

    4 years ago

    Their is a little difference between Airtel live and Airtel GPRS. Airtel GPRS is a paid service that lets you surf and browse all the paid and unpaid internet sites. Airtel Live is a free service provided b Airtel and...

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    60+ Amazing Windows xp wallpapers

    4 years ago

    Amazing windows xp Wallpapers that I have been collecting since I got my first laptop ,a couple of years back. Hope you enjoy these Windows xp wallapers,please click on the wallpapers to see the full size wallpaper.

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    101 HD Windows 7 Ultimate Wallpapers

    4 years ago

    Some HD windows 7  wallpapers, that I have collected in a couple of months. Most of the Wallpapers are of windows 7 ultimate edition that I use ,but they are almost universal and can be used any where. To see...

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    80 High Definition Ubuntu wallpapers

    4 years ago

    These are some of Ubuntu (some of theme are Linux ) wallpapers that I have collected over a month. Most of the Ubuntu wallpapers are HD and are look cool. Hope you like them.

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    7 Cool Holi Wallpapers To Download

    4 years ago

    Holi is a festival that is widely celebrated all over the world and most prominently in South-eastern part of Asia. Holi is a one of those religions that brings a feeling a brotherhood and is a very colorful festival. ...

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    How To Make Pandora Battery And Magic Memory Stick For psp-PART-1

    4 years ago

    Its been a long time since i have played with my old fat psp(play station portable). But their's something that I had done earlier that I would like to share with you gaming freaks-Its-how to make pandora battery and...

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    How to change start orbit in windows 7

    4 years ago

    Start Orb Changer is a free tool to change Windows 7 start orb easily. Deviantart users have continously created utility to tweak Windows 7 default setting.. All you need to do to change the start orb is running the...

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